Northern Ireland pay update

Patience requested as figures are prepared

Published: 23 January 2020 Government & NHS

The Northern Ireland combined trades union negotiating team working on the pay offer made by the health minister are asking for members to be patient.

"The figures are going through a technical verification process to ensure that the correct information is presented to members," Leandre Archer, the Society's national officer, said.

"We are asking members to please disregard documentation currently being shared in the service. These are not official documents and have not come from the collective negotiating team. They should be disregarded."

Leandre continued, "The consultation survey email we will be sending to SoR members in Northern Ireland will include the official agreed consultation document. 

"It is hoped that verification of the figures will be completed by the end of this week and the individual unions can consult with their members regarding the pay offer."

The trade unions and the Department of Health are working on a web page which will provide members with the information to check their individual pay journey for the Agenda for Change refresh deal.

Pension issues are covered under different legislation and the joint trade unions have requested an urgent meeting with the pension board and the Business Services Organisation.