I have been asked to work in an unfamiliar area/role? What should I do?

HCPC advice to registrants

Published: 20 March 2020 HCPC

The Health and Care Professions Council has issued guidance for members of the radiography workforce who may be asked to take on a different role during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In response to the question, 'I have been asked to work in an unfamiliar area/role due to Covid-19. What should I do?' the HCPC says:

We expect registrants to work within the limits of their skills, knowledge and experience at all times. Therefore, if your employer asks you to move into a new area or role, we would expect you to receive training and/or support to ensure you are still able to practise safely and effectively.

However in an emergency scenario, such as Covid-19, we recognise that this might not always be possible.

All our standards need to be read in the round. How to meet them, and what is and is not appropriate, will depend on the full circumstances of an individual’s practice. We recognise that working in a pandemic may give rise to particular challenges that are uncommon in your everyday practise.

We would still expect you to use your professional judgement to assess what is safe and effective practise in the context in which you are working during the pandemic.

If Society members have concerns once they have talked to their employer, please contact the SoR for support.

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