HCPC update: Radiographers and sonographers must understand their role in promoting public health

The Health and Care Professions Council has updated its language to levy more active requirements on radiographers around public health

Published: 10 April 2024 HCPC

Radiographers and sonographers are now required to take greater action to promote public health and prevent ill-health, following an update to the Health and Care Professions Council’s standards of proficiency.

The UK’s Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is the regulator for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiographers. In September last year, the HCPC updated its standards of proficiency for all Allied Health Professionals (AHPs).

This update includes a “notable” move toward more active language, according to the SoR, used to direct registrants. These standards now state at many points “you will” with regards to these standards.

Public health and illness

The promotion of public health and prevention of ill health has been emphasised much more strongly for registered AHPs, with the HCPC now stating registrants are expected to “broadly understand the role they can play in preventing ill health” while providing care.

This may involve advice, referrals, or other interventions directly connected to the reason the service user sought care.

“When thinking about the prevention of ill-health, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all solution’ for all service users,” the new standards explains. “How you meet the standards will depend on your role, your workplace, and your individual scope of practice.”

Engage and empower

Specific standards are that registrants must:

15.1: understand the role of their profession in health promotion, health education and preventing ill-health.

15.2: understand how social, economic and environmental factors (wider determinants of health) can influence a person’s health and well-being.

15.3: empower and enable individuals (including service users and colleagues) to play a part in managing their own health.

15.4: engage in occupational health, including being aware of immunisation requirements.

The SoR had online resource pages that signpost members to relevant publications and guidance, which can be found here

A Society working party is currently in the process of developing a short guidance document for members, due for publication in 2024.

Full information about the standards can be accessed at the HCPC website.

(Image: Izusek, via GettyImages)