Deadline for radiographers to complete HCPC renewals approaching

Radiographers must complete their Health and Care Professions Council renewal on or before 29 February

Published: 22 February 2024 Health & safety

The deadline for radiographers to complete their Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration renewal is rapidly approaching. 

HCPC regulates the radiography profession alongside other healthcare roles, to make sure those engaging in medical imaging meet the threshold standards of proficiency necessary to protect members of the public.

Renewing registration is important to ensure a radiographer can demonstrate their capabilities safely and effectively against the knowledge, skills and attributes expected of them.

If these steps are not completed by the deadline, or if the direct debit instruction is removed without an alternative payment, the radiographer will be removed from the register, and will be unable to practise or use any of the protected titles associated with the profession until readmission to the register. 

Members of the public can check the register and review the behaviours they can expect against the standards of conduct, performance and ethics set by the HCPC.

Amy Robertson, professional officer for education and accreditation, said: “Registering with the HCPC can benefit radiographers’ by providing the opportunity to shape the work of the regulator, as well as continuous learning and development.”

Renewal is complete when a radiographer has made their declarations, answered the equality monitoring questions and when we have received and processed your payment (or valid direct debit instruction). 

When the renewal is complete, the record on the online register will be updated and you will receive confirmation of this via email. If you are unsure whether your renewal is complete, please check the register or check your online account. 

Upon renewal, radiographers will be asked to sign a form to confirm they continue to meet the standards of the HCPC, one of which is the standard for continuing professional development (CPD). 

When each profession renews, the HCPC randomly selects 2.5 per cent of registrants from that profession and asks them to submit their CPD profile, the CPD audit

If a radiographer is picked for audit, they will need to complete a CPD profile by the deadline and provide supporting evidence that shows how the activities they have carried out meet the standards and the dates they were undertaken. 

Members can access resources on the SoR website to help them to plan, undertake and reflect on learning activities for more information visit our platform CPD Now.

To find out more about HCPC renewal and audit visit here.

(Image: Phil Boorman via GettyImages)