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How to overcome the challenges of safe staffing

27 April, 2019

An updated guidance document, the Principles of Safe Staffing for Radiography Leaders, has been published, outlining the legal considerations, members’ professional obligations and the principles contained in the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme Standard surrounding correct staffing.

It provides principles that should be considered when reviewing staffing models for clinical imaging or radiotherapy/oncology services.

The text states, “It is recognised that in the current climate achieving optimal staffing levels is challenging. Nevertheless, employers must ensure legal obligations are complied with.“It is also very important to take into account issues such as sick leave averages, ongoing CPD requirements, skills mix, staff demographics and equipment age.

“Although unlikely in themselves to lead to legal action, should appropriate allowance not be made, failure to take proper account of these factors will potentially lead to unsustainable staffing levels, which inturn will increase the likelihood of failure to adhere to legal obligations.”

Operational matters, including workforce planning, equipment, operationalhours and ongoing requirements for CPD, are also outlined in the document.

Click here to go the Policy and Guidance document library to download the PDF.

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