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Imaging & Oncology 2018 published

3 July, 2018
Imaging & Oncology 2018

Dr Ruth Strudwick proudly launched her first edition as editor of Imaging & Oncology, at this year's United Kingdom Radiology and Oncology Congress (UKRCO).

"I hope that I have continued to provide something that will be of interest to all professionals working in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy and oncology," she said.

This issue, free to download, includes:

Quality and the Imaging Standard - Christine Woodgate

The Importance of Good Technique: Shoulder Imaging - Dr Amanda Martin

Values-based Practice for Imaging and Radiotherapy Professionals: An Introduction - Professor Bill (KWM) Fulford, Dr Ann Newton-Hughes, Dr Ruth Strudwick, Ashok Handa

The Clinical Utility of SPECT-CT - Banu.Sathya-Murthi, Jessica Johnson, John Buscombe

Sharing Learning from Errors in Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine – the First Steps - Gail Woodhouse

Using Social Media in Imaging and Oncology: An Illustrative Example - Dr Leslie Robinson, Dr Marie Griffiths, Dr Cristina Vasilica, Dr Julie Wray

Framing Workforce Transformation in Today’s NHS 56 - Kevin Moore

The Changing Landscape of the Imaging and Oncology Workforce - Penny Owens

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 – Issues in Compliance - Stephen Green

Understanding the UK Non-Surgical Cancer Treatments Workforce - Camilla Pallesen 

Do We Have a Role in Public Health - Linda Hindle

Ruth is Associate Professor in Diagnostic Radiography and Academic Director for Radiography at the University of Suffolk.

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