Forensic and post-mortem imaging: Survey to measure growth of NHS services

National network also being launched to share best practice

Published: 26 September 2023 Imaging

There is growing interest nationally in the use of forensic and post-mortem (PM) imaging but a lack of clarity about the types of services and their geographical spread.

A survey is now being conducted by a team from University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) to better understand the national picture, and find out who is the doing the work and how.

Leicester consultant radiographer in post-mortem imaging Claire Robinson said: "This survey is being undertaken to inform us of PM imaging practices across the country. We do not intend to advocate as to how PM services should be run but hope the information will guide the whole PM imaging community in deciding these issues".

The survey is being sent to radiographers, radiologists, radiology departments and interested organisations. Multiple responses from the same organisation are welcomed. Please complete the survey even if you do not do any forensic or PM imaging, a nil result is as important as a positive one. 

PM imaging network 

The team from UHL are also establishing a network of radiologists and radiographers interested in forensic and PM imaging, to share experience and establish good practice. If you are interested in joining, whether you complete forensic/PM imaging or not, please provide your details in the final section of the survey.

This information will be separated from the rest of the survey data and you will be contacted at a later date about the network. Your email addresses may be seen by others who have also expressed an interest in the network. 

The survey will close at 23:59 on 8 October 2023 and can be accessed at: or

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the UHL team at [email protected].

Find out more about Claire Robinson and her career in forensic and post-mortem imaging in Synergy magazine.