Imaging’s contribution to the pandemic: EFRS backs message to politicians

Opportunity to 'enhance resiliance of healthcare systems'

Published: 16 April 2020 Imaging

A statement reminding political leaders across Europe of the importance of medical imaging in diagnosing Covid-19 patients has been supported by the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS).

Issued by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the communication reminds politicians that "radiologists, radiographers, and other imaging professionals play an essential role in the diagnostic process, and consequently, in the care pathway."

The document "emphasises that governments bear the responsibility to ensure healthcare professionals are sufficiently equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) and other resources necessary in the battle to save lives. The collapse of health systems should be avoided at any cost, it is therefore of highest significance that governments are asked to preserve the certainty of supplies to maintain an effective delivery of care."

Jonathan McNulty, EFRS president, said, "We fully support this statement by the ESR, which focuses on six key points:

  • Medical imaging in support of an accurate diagnosis of Covid-19
  • Protecting the workforce and operational change in the radiology department
  • Continued delivery of care
  • Availability of imaging technologies
  • Medical societies’ contribution to healthcare systems
  • A European approach to the crisis

Echoing growing concerns in the UK that the resources devoted to Covid-19 are being made to the detriment of healthcare services for other patients, the ESR calls for a 'balanced approach'.

The document also looks to the future, asking European countries to have a co-ordinated approach and to "enhance the resilience of healthcare systems at risk of withstanding similar crises in the future."

Speaking to EFRS member societies and the radiography workforce, Jonathan McNulty said, "Thank you all for your professionalism and dedication during these challenging times and remember that together everything is possible; be involved and make a difference."

ESR communication: Medical imaging’s contribution in the fight against Covid-19