MRI safety information for ward staff

MRI Safety Week

Published: 29 July 2020 Imaging

The Society has published a leaflet to advise non-radiology hospital staff what the MRI department needs to know about the patient, and how patients and carers should be prepared before an MRI procedure.

The list of information the MRI team needs includes details of implants, pregnancy status, allergies, current infection risk, and details and dates of previous operations.

As well as guidance of how to prepare the patient, the leaflet also explains about completing and signing a safety screening questionnaire, as well as what patient escorts need to know.

"I urge MRI radiographers to download and share the leaflet with their ward colleagues," Alex Lipton, the Society's professional officer for MRI, said.

"The leaflet came about following a motion at last year's Annual Delegates Conference," Alex continued.

"The motion said, 'Without understanding the MRI environment it can often be difficult for ward staff to appreciate the very specific requirements that a patient requires to complete the MRI.

"Ward staff in the hospital setting often interact with MRI team members whilst organising scans for their patients. MRI staff require certain information from ward staff to make sure that the patients’ needs are met.'"

Download MRI safety information for ward staff.