New imaging strategy launches in Northern Ireland

SoR representative starts work on implementation board

Published: 22 April 2021 Imaging

Following the publication of the Department of Health’s Strategic Imaging Framework in Northern Ireland, a Strategic Imaging Board has been set up to implement the 19 recommendations.

The strategic framework aims to further modernise imaging services over the next 10 years to ensure that Northern Ireland continues to deliver high-quality healthcare services and stays at the forefront of technological advances.

The SoR’s national officer for Northern Ireland, Leandre Archer, has welcomed an invitation to sit on the board. She said its formation was an important step towards ensuring that imaging services are safe, effective and sustainable in the long term.

‘There is a considerable requirement for both the transformation and rebuilding of services in line with the Delivering Together 2026 agenda and following the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘Advancing the skills of the workforce, introducing new ways of working and the integration of new technologies and equipment will need to take centre stage to ensure the sustained delivery of imaging services.’

Leandre added: ‘I would hope as the SoR representative to be the voice for our members, ensuring that glass ceilings are dismantled and that radiographers in Northern Ireland are empowered to increase their skills and expertise.

‘Radiographers are ready, willing and able to provide the solutions to waiting lists and barriers to patient flow through the system. By being represented at this strategic level, I hope they will be given more opportunities to showcase their unique potential.’