Quality Standards for Imaging scheme aims to ‘elevate standards for better patient care’

The Royal College of Radiologists and CoR have launched a new QSI Quality Mark scheme to provide improvement in imaging services

Published: 14 March 2024 Imaging

The Royal College of Radiologists and the College of Radiographers have launched a new Quality Standards for Imaging Quality Mark scheme.

According to the Colleges, this scheme has been designed specifically with the needs of busy front-line teams and their patients in mind. 

They explained their approach is led by and for imaging professionals – and it makes a “significant departure” from traditional accreditation methods, promising a “more effective and sustainable path” to quality improvement in imaging services.

‘Long-term excellence’

The Quality Standards for Imaging (QSI) sets national quality criteria for imaging services. It is a collaboration between The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and The College of Radiographers (CoR), to improve the quality of care for people attending an imaging service.

It represents the judgments of panels of lay representatives, radiographers, radiologists, medical physicists, and sonographers who have overseen its creation and revision, and sets out best practice to improve patient care and outcomes.

The new QSI Quality Mark was developed because the RCR and the CoR are “deeply invested” in the long-term health and welfare of the imaging workforce and its patients.

Rather than a mere assessment, the QSI Quality Mark is a “comprehensive support system” which is designed to develop ongoing quality enhancement.

By using the experience and expertise of clinicians, the process seeks to create a culture of continuous learning, sharing of best practice, innovation, improvement and systemic changes, in a “challenging and demanding work environment”.

‘Real and lasting improvement’

The key focus of the new QSI scheme is “elevating standards for better patient care”, the RCR explained.

“[It] is grounded in the belief that those directly involved in patient care hold the key to real and lasting improvements in healthcare quality,” the RCR added. 

As professional bodies, both the RCR and CoR possess an “intrinsic understanding of the complexities and challenges unique to delivering diagnostic imaging services”, they continued. 

This perspective means the Quality Mark process is objective, relevant, and empathic to the needs of patients and service providers. 

To the future

The QSI Quality Mark was initially announced in 2023. In March and April 2024, the RCR will be recruiting members to join the Quality Mark Committee, which will oversee the scheme and the measures in place to support effective decision-making.

In April, experts and lay reviewers will be sought out for training and support to work with the RCR on delivery of the Quality Mark.

Applicants interested in applying for Chair of the QSI Global Expert Reference Group are also welcome.

From mid-April 2024, SoR members will be able to join the QSI Hub, to support their service provider’s journey towards achieving the Quality Mark.

The standard will be launched at an in-person event at UKIO on 10 June, where attendees can ask questions about the scheme and how their service can get involved.

QSI Leads will be hosted at the RCR on 11 July, registration for which will open shortly on the RCR website.

Find out more about the new QSI scheme here. 

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