Could you be a College of Radiographers assessor?

Published: 04 November 2019 Could you be a College of Radiographers assessor?

Highly experienced Society members working in clinical practice and education are needed to work as assessors for the College of Radiographers (CoR).

The role is to evaluate course submissions, education providers (academic or clinical departments), practice placements, and applications from individuals for accreditation.

"Assessors are radiographers who are leading the service in their specific areas of practice and their work is vital to ensure that programmes being developed by education providers and approved by the CoR meet the developing needs of the service at all levels of practice," said Louise Coleman, SCoR professional officer responsible for education and accreditation.
Applications are invited from members from clinical practice and university environments who would be interested in assessing:

  • Individual accreditation applications for assistant practitioners, advanced practitioners, consultant practitioners, and practice educators
  • Pre-registration and post-graduate education programmes
  • Individual modules
  • Short courses which confer competence

"We especially need those who have strong experience in reporting images or running reporting programmes,” Louise said.
The benefits of becoming an assessor include:

  1. The opportunity to raise your personal profile and acquire an element of non-clinical CPD as evidence for accreditation
  2. An understanding of the criteria for accreditation of practitioners at all levels
  3. Deeper understanding of the different levels of practice
  4. Development of stronger analytical and feedback skills, and much, much more!

SoR members who are or have been assessors speak highly of the experience. For example, Michael Graveling, a consultant radiographer, says it "opened my eyes to innovation across the profession."

Heather Nisbet, also a consultant practitioner, comments "I have been able to make significant contributions to the development and progress of applicants by giving constructive and supportive feedback."

According to Dr Shaaron Pratt of Cardiff University, "Assessors play a vital role in the provision of high quality learning and the competence of future generations of radiographers."

Applicants to be assessors must be members of the Society of Radiographers and registered with the HCPC as a therapeutic or diagnostic radiographer.

Clinical assessors should have a minimum of five years' clinical experience.

Academic representatives should have an understanding of current education policies and practice as well as a teaching qualification, education to masters degree or equivalent, and experience in curriculum development (for assessors wishing to approve educational programmes).

If you would like to find out more about the work of assessors, the required criteria and would like to apply, please download the assessor criteria document and application form.