PHE looking for services which prevent, promote and protect public health

Published: 27 January 2020 PHE looking for services which prevent, promote and protect public health

Public Health England (PHE) are holding a multi-professional project to identify the drivers that help clinical services and higher education institutions to be prevention, promotion and protection focused.

Project organisers are looking to recruit 10 clinical services and the same number of HEIs that have:

  • Prevention, promotion or protection embedded within their culture
  • Examples of specific prevention, promotion or protection initiatives
  • Measures of success associated with the initiatives
  • Received recognition for prevention, promotion or protection focused activity

The background information to the project says, "There is a need to move from a system that focuses on treatment to one that predicts and prevents poor health.

"Policy drivers including The NHS Long Term Plan make reference to the importance of improving upstream prevention through avoidable illness and its exacerbations and through self-management of long term conditions. It also sets out practical action to do more to use the million patient contacts that occur in a 24-hour period to help people improve their health."

If you think your service/HEI can help, please contact Laura Charlesworth for more information.

Participants will be invited to join a one hour telephone interview and share key documentation about the implementation of prevention, promotion and protection.