Radiographers wanted for Service Review Teams

Published: 20 November 2019 Radiographers wanted for Service Review Teams

The Royal College of Radiologists offers an invited review service for UK imaging departments and to provide a comprehensive review of services each team includes a radiographer. 

The RCR want to add more radiographers to the pool of service reviewers.

Applicants will be a member of the Society of Radiographers, who are resident in the United Kingdom and, at the time of application, in active clinical practice. They will have the following:

  • knowledge and experience of a good radiology department
  • experience as a radiology manager, and
  • knowledge of issues relating to the Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI).

There is no specific time commitment for the role because the majority of the work is as required/commissioned by services. Much of the work is completed remotely but appointed radiographers will need to visit services, which takes two to four days.
Applicants will need to be available for a training day in February 2020.

NHS Services will be reimbursed (within RCR agreed limits) for the time radiographers are away from their departments on service review visits.

Appointed radiographers will liaise closely with the Professional Practice Operations Manager and the chair of any review panel they are asked to be part of.

How to apply

Further information is available in the detailed role description here.

If you are interested in applying please email Sandra Holmes providing the following:

  • A short CV
  • A brief summary of any experience that is relevant to the role and which could be useful if appointed
  • A summary of your main reasons for wishing to take on the role

The RCR is committed to a policy of valuing equality and diversity across its activities as set out here. To that end, applicants are invited to complete and return an anonymous diversity monitoring form.

Applicants will be shortlisted and invited to an interview at the Royal College of Radiologists with key members of the professional practice team. 

The successful applicants will be asked to complete and return a declaration of interests form.

Completed applications should be returned to Sandra Holmes no later than 5pm on 12 December.