Society publishes artificial intelligence policy statement

Partnership working

Published: 27 January 2020 Society publishes artificial intelligence policy statement

The SCoR has issued a policy statement about artificial intelligence (AI).

The document says that "patients, the public and professionals must work in partnership to inform and direct the advancement of quality services when considering the development and implementation of AI, machine learning and deep learning."

The objectives, which mirror the mission of the SCoR, are to:

  1. influence and direct improvements which can be made by implementing new technology in healthcare, locally, nationally, and internationally
  2. promote safe and ethical practice that will enable better patient and service user outcomes.

Twelve policy actions are listed to achieve the SCoR’s objectives, including "support members’ development, promote and facilitate research and development of professional body standards", and to be "cognisant of the impact AI may have on future HCPC standards of proficiency."

“The protection of patient data is paramount,” the document states. “We would expect that, as a minimum standard, any AI system will have clinical governance measures in place and will be compliant with current QSI and GDPR.”

Read the policy statement.