Sonographers: Transfer to the Register of Clinical Technologists

Further advice on the transfer from the Public Voluntary Register of Sonographers

Published: 08 February 2021 Sonographers: Transfer to the Register of Clinical Technologists

We would like to advise further an a couple of aspects related to the above. If you have any queries please contact [email protected].


1) Advice if currently statutorily registered with the HCPC or NMC

We have been contacted by a number of sonographers and asked to clarify whether the Register of Clinical Technologists is a replacement for statutory registration with the HCPC or NMC. Our advice has always been that if holding statutory registration you should maintain this.  Some sonographers have chosen to be listed on both a statutory register and the PVRS. It is their decision as to whether they wish to transfer their additional voluntary registration  to the RCT when the PVRS closes, our advice on maintaining statutory registration is not affected.                                                                                                                         

Please see also FAQ 7 at


2) Public search facility

The PVRS is due to close on  February 28 2021. The transfer window if listed on the PVRS will close on April 30 2021. The public search facility to confirm PVRS registration will no longer be available after March 1st but enquiries can be made about PVRS registration status via until the close of the transfer period on April 30.


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