SoR Director to join the NHS Pension Scheme Advisory Board

Appointment will strengthen radiographer voice on pensions

Published: 15 September 2020 SoR Director to join the NHS Pension Scheme Advisory Board

Dean Rogers, SoR Director of Industrial Strategy and Member Relations, has been nominated for the NHS Pension Scheme Advisory Board (SAB), following an election across NHS trade unions.  Appointees are subject to final governmental approval, and Dean expects to take up the position in October.

Scheme Advisory Boards are the bodies made up of employer and employee representatives that advise and direct decisions on statutory pension schemes, such as the NHS, civil service or local government schemes.

This is a critical time for the NHS Pension Scheme, with an on-going governmental consultation on how to address identified discrimination arising from court rulings and consideration needed about the standing of temporary changes to support those returning to work during the Covid-19 crisis.

Dean said: ‘I am delighted that the other NHS unions have trusted me to join the SAB and that there will be another strong voice for radiographers and AHPs at the table when important pension issues are considered. ‘These issues have short, medium and long term impacts for members and their families. Issues that need a thorough and strategic analysis, and people need to be able to understand and trust the outcomes. I will bring a fresh pair of eyes and experience in other public sector schemes to the discussions. I’m determined to help secure the best scheme possible for all our members’.