Suspension for ‘rude and unprofessional’ radiographer

Fitness to practise impaired

Published: 04 March 2020 Suspension for ‘rude and unprofessional’ radiographer

A radiographer has been suspended by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) for ‘misconduct and or/lack of competence’ in practice.

A Band 7 sonographer at Derby Teaching Hospitals was found to have behaved in a ‘rude and unprofessional manner towards patients’ and caused ‘unnecessary force and/or pain to patients while scanning.’

She was also found guilty of failing to successfully undertake practice in sufficient time and of sufficient quality, not identifying a number of patients’ issues, and failing to visualise ovaries during an ultrasound scan.

“Your actions constitute misconduct and/or lack of competence. By reason, your fitness to practise as a radiographer is impaired,” the HCPTS panel said.

They concluded, “Given all of the information available to the panel, it concluded that a Suspension Order for a period of 12 months would be the appropriate and proportionate sanction which would adequately protect the public.”

The registrant was not present at the hearing and was not represented.

Full details of the hearing.