The inspiration behind Magda Triantafyllidou's #WRD2020 poster

We talk to one of the radiographers behind the winning posters for this year’s celebrations

Published: 02 November 2020 The inspiration behind Magda Triantafyllidou's #WRD2020 poster

Magda Triantafyllidou, Diagnostic Radiographer, BMI Healthcare, talks about her design for the World Radiography Day poster.

Where did you get the idea for your poster?

The warning sign of ionizing radiation (trefoil) is strongly linked with the procedures associated with radiography and represents the activity of an atom. The idea behind the design was to make a strong statement related to the hazards that we cope with throughout our working days. It is not only now that we're invited to serve at the frontline; our strength lies in the continuous and tireless effort to provide a high standard of service to our fellow human beings.

How have radiographers inspired the design?

All of us are putting in extra efforts to remain productive in these new conditions, whether in the service industry, retail, healthcare or other. At the same time, the role of the radiographer in the pandemic has been underestimated: people are recognising doctors and nurses. This poster was the exact result of these findings: radiographers are the invisible heroes that are worthy of being recognised for their contribution to this fight.

What does World Radiography Day mean to you?

The purpose of this day is to increase public awareness of radiographic imaging and therapy which play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of millions of patients worldwide. We must use the day to promote radiography as a career and encourage more students to follow an interesting work path which combines science, technology and patient care.

What have you learned about radiographers during the pandemic?

The pandemic has flung the radiographers into a new normal and the psychological impact of this challenge is not negligible. A recent study on the impact of the pandemic on radiography practice in the UK (Akudjedu TN et al, BJR Open 2020;2) demonstrated high levels of work-related stress. I think it is important that attention be brought to the unmet mental health needs which have arisen and the factors that have caused them.

What's one thing you hope to see for radiographers in the future?

Radiographers are challenged when seeking to progress in their profession. It is not easy to find a trainee position in which you can specialise in areas such as MRI, ultrasound etc, even though they are essential imaging modalities with very high workload requirements. If that were more readily available over more localities around the country, there would be less staff shortage and more job opportunities.


The inspiration behind Magda Triantafyllidou's #WRD2020 poster