The inspiration behind one of the #WRD2020 posters

We talk to the student radiographer who designed a winning poster

Published: 02 November 2020 The inspiration behind one of the #WRD2020 posters

Ellen Grew, Diagnostic Radiography Student at University of Ulster talks about her World Radiography Day poster design and what she hopes for the future.  

Where did you get the idea for your poster?

Although I have never entered or won a competition like this before, I have always enjoyed art as a hobby to help me relax and unwind. I felt that there was plenty of awareness given to the work of doctors and nurses during the pandemic, and little mention of radiographers and other allied health professions in the hospital setting. I thought it was a great opportunity to design something that would promote the profession and the hard work of radiographers during the pandemic.

How have radiographers inspired the design?

For me, the key design in my poster not only symbolises radiographers as key workers, but it also represents how both diagnostic and therapeutic imaging is the ‘key’ to developing our understanding and interpretation of pathology and disease in all areas of medicine – ‘unlocking’ the best possible patient outcomes. I have never been prouder to be working towards joining the profession of radiography and I wanted my poster to accurately capture these sentiments and the hard work of all members of the profession during this time.

What does World Radiography Day mean to you?

World Radiography Day is a way of celebrating the profession and promoting the importance of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy, which I have seen first-hand play a vital role in all areas of healthcare. As a student, it is exciting to be embarking on a career path which is constantly evolving and changing.

What have you learned about radiographers during the pandemic?

Having just completed a period of clinical placement, I’ve experienced working alongside radiographers and I’ve learned that radiographers are adaptable, hardworking, and always put the patient’s first to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What's one thing you hope to see for radiographers in the future?

In the future, I would like to see more public awareness of the central role that radiography plays in the healthcare setting. It goes far beyond pushing buttons and taking X-rays, which I feel sometimes is a common misconception. A pay rise would be nice too!

Ellen's poster design is attached as a downloadable file below. 

The inspiration behind one of the #WRD2020 posters