Update on CPD Now endorsement scheme

What is CPD Now endorsement and what you need to know.

Published: 07 January 2021 Update on CPD Now endorsement scheme

For an event, programme or short course to be endorsed by the College of Radiographers (CoR), all applications for endorsement must demonstrate that the content meets our professional body standards for CPD and match at least two of the core CPD Now professional outcomes.

The endorsement process is outcome based, which means that CPD Now endorsement does not list points or hours for an event, instead an application will be matched to a range of possible outcomes.

For the period 1 September 2018 – 31 August 2019, the CoR received 86 applications for endorsement of a range of resources. Applications included information with regards to study days, annual general meetings, user-group meetings, scheduled webinars, online on-demand tutorials, symposiums and conferences.

Of the 86 submissions, 16 applications (18%) were deferred for a variety of reasons including incomplete information on the application form, lack of strategy to support reflection, and/ or no evidence of support for learners, in the form of signposting toward further study. Of the 16 deferred applications, all were resubmitted with revisions and approved during that same period.

The number of applications for 2018–19, in comparison with previous years, was within the normal range of applications and deferrals. The lowest number of applications was received in 2007 (50 submissions) and the highest in 2011 (135 submissions). Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic during 2020, the number of endorsement applications received for the 2019-20 period remained within that range, with a total of 90 applications.

Endorsement of a resource or event remains valid for a period of two years unless there are any substantial changes. Substantial changes necessitate resubmission – during the 2018-2020 period there were no resources that underwent resubmission due to change of content.

The CoR Approval and Accreditation Board oversees the endorsement process, and one of our SCoR administrators for Profession and Education, together with a professional officer, run the scheme on a weekly basis.
Further information is available via the SCoR website.