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Infection prevention and control in ultrasound

8 December, 2017
Ultrasound probes

An important article giving advice and recommendations on transducer decontamination and cleaning has been published in the open access journal Insights Imaging.

The article provides recommendations for transducer decontamination, probe cover use, gel, general cleaning and also the use of gel warmers.

"There is good practical advice within and some useful flow charts in the appendices," Nigel Thomson, the Society's professional officer for ultrasound, said.

"It will help with standardising working practises in relation to transducer cleaning and decontamination which can still be very variable," he continued.

"It is important that the recommendations are applied to all ultrasound equipment in use in the hospital, clinic or community, including hand held devices."

Infection prevention and control in ultrasound - best practice recommendations from the European Society of Radiology Ultrasound Working Group


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