Call for new members of SoR Radiographic Informatics Advisory Group

Seven vacancies - apply by 8 September

Published: 29 July 2021 Information management & technology

The Society of Radiographers (SoR) Radiographic Informatics Advisory Group currently has seven vacancies.

Applications to sit on the group are invited from all sections of the radiography community and from all four countries of the UK. SoR is keen to include, among those seven places, a member to represent Wales and members with a therapeutic radiography background. Tenure on the group will be for a period of four years.

Information Technology (IT) principles, systems and processes underpin almost all aspects of modern clinical imaging and radiotherapy services. IT supports radiographers to deliver the best possible professional care for their patients. However, it is not simply the preserve of the ‘techies’.

As radiographers using this technology every day you have vital insight into how things work on the ground, and how they could work better. We would like to hear from you -  would you consider joining us? Those with particular technical knowledge and expertise – PACS managers for example, are very welcome,  but an interest in using informatics to improve things for patients and staff, is equally as important.

The Radiographic informatics Group covers a range of areas which employ IT for clinical imaging and therapeutic radiography services, including the generation, handling, communication, storage, retrieval, management, analysis and synthesis of data and knowledge. The purpose of RIG is to enable the Society and College of Radiographers to keep up to date with and influence developments, and to support and advise SoR members in dealing with informatics issues.

Those wishing to apply must be:

  • in good standing with the SoR (as evidenced by a strong membership record)
  • respected and held in high esteem by their peers
  • excellent collaborators and active team/board members 
  • energetic and enthusiastic in relation to the profession/education
  • able and willing to devote time and energy to the group between meetings by email and other electronic means; and be able to attend up to three meetings per year in London (currently all meetings are held online).

For further information, terms of reference of the group, and future meeting dates please contact Valerie Asemah by email: [email protected].

Those wishing to apply should submit a short CV (no longer than two sides of A4). This CV should include detail of SoR membership number, length of membership, HCPC registration number (if applicable), and identify clearly the nature of the expertise the individual would expect to bring to the group.

Applications should be emailed to [email protected] by 5pm on Tuesday 8 September.