AXREM launches Insights podcast to foster community across healthcare industry

The trade association represents suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment

Published: 09 May 2024 Learning

UK trade association AXREM has launched its Insights podcast, which aims to foster a sense of community within the healthcare industry.

AXREM, which represents suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment including patient monitoring, will interview leaders and experts from both within and outside the AXREM membership.

The podcast will provide a platform for “thought-provoking” discussion on trends, innovations, and challenges in medical imaging and more, a spokesperson for the association explained.

It aims to unite professionals from various backgrounds, such as the NHS, industry, the Department for Health and Social Care, societies, royal colleges and more “well-known faces.” 

The first episode finds Melanie Johnson, AXREM coordinator, sitting down with the trade association’s CEO Sally Edgington to understand more about how Ms Edgington started her career and how she brings together various skills to work as CEO.

'Brings an intimacy to communication'

Jeevan Gunaratnam, chair at AXREM, wrote on social media: “I’ve just sat down and been blown away… I am fortunate to work with Sally on a daily basis but it’s lovely to take some time out for reflection and I’m very impressed with the quality of this new project. 

“I think the podcast brings an intimacy to communication that allows us, as listeners, to understand the speaker in more depth - and I’ve learned something new about Sally’s purpose and drivers. I won’t reveal any spoilers so you are just going to have to listen. 

“So grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit down for a few minutes. I think many listeners will be surprised and impressed with where Sally started her career and her ability to bring a multitude of skills together as CEO - it explains a lot.”

AXREM is seeking feedback on its inaugural episode, as well as recommendations for guests with a unique perspective and valuable insights.

The first episode can be found here.

(Image: AXREM Insights Podcast)