How to prepare an effective scientific poster

CAHPR advice

Published: 13 February 2020 Learning

Posters are valuable visual tools for professional meetings, teaching and assessments, and it is important they are appropriately presented.

The Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) have created 10 top tips for ‘developing an effective scientific poster.’

Advice offered includes:

  • How many sections
  • How your results should be presented
  • Which citations to include
  • How to present your poster
  • The best way to display the author’s information

“Get your viewer interested. Avoid a lengthy literature review! It should be sharp and succinct with a few sentences,” tip three explains.

“Make sure you follow the guidelines of the organisers for size and presentation.”

To download the advice document, along with all the others in the series, head to the CAHPR website.