AXREM honoured for innovative member accreditation scheme

Credential checking of equipment supplier staff means savings for NHS

Published: 01 March 2023 Managers

Less than a year after the AXREM Member Accreditation (AMA) scheme was launched, the innovation has been recognised in the prestigious Trade Association Forum Awards 2023.

AXREM is the UK trade association representing suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment in the UK. The credential scheme now has over 2,000 registrants, and is a low cost “not for profit” accreditation scheme which reduces the cost burden within the supply chain - costs that would otherwise be passed on in the cost of products and services to NHS trusts.

Registrants carry an AMA membership card displaying their name, their employer company name, their photo, and a unique ID number and associated QR code. The employment status of the individual can be simply checked at any time by scanning the badge on the QR code without requiring specialist equipment.

The AMA scheme is specifically aligned with NHS requirements and policies, and is overseen by a council including representations from The Society and College of Radiographers, Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine, The Royal College of Radiologists and The British Institute of Radiology.

AXREM rirector Sally Edgington said: “The scheme has been growing in strength throughout the last year, and I am excited to see how we can further develop our offering and visibility of the scheme ensuring we keep NHS costs low, especially given the pressure the NHS is finding itself under. AMA is a fantastic example how industry can come together and do the right thing by ensuring patient safety whilst keeping costs to a minimum for the NHS”.


AXREM team win award