Have you experienced MR installation issues?

To help with the drafting of new guidance, members are asked to share their experiences.

Published: 18 August 2023 MRI

The Planning and Acceptance of New MRI Installations Working Party are looking for members to share their experiences of MR installations issues which subsequently led to problems during use.  

The working party, made up of members from the SoR, IPEM and BAMRR, are looking to include anonymous examples of installation issues within new guidance currently being drafted.

Responses will be treated confidentially and not published with site/manufacturer identifiable information.

To share your experience, please email Rachel Watt with the following information: 

  • Scanner type
  • Patient profile
  • Installation type (e.g., new build/ upgrade of existing site)
  • Please explain the issue(s) that occurred.
  • What were the consequences in terms of economic costs, delays, service quality or safety?
  • How could these problems have been avoided?

Deadline for responses is noon on Tuesday 12 September 2023