The SoR response to a recent article in the Daily Mail regarding the safety of MRI

Society emphasises that millions of scans performed safely every year

Published: 20 October 2022 MRI

The Society of Radiographers would like to reassure patients attending for MRI scans following an article published in the Daily Mail.

Millions of MRI scans are performed safely in the UK each year by highly trained and educated registered Radiographers.

MRI does have unique safety considerations related to the use of very strong magnetic fields. Systems for reporting near misses are important across all of healthcare and having these systems demonstrates good practice, in order that learning can be shared, and processes refined across the entire pathway from referral, so the risk to patients is reduced.

Thorough screening and safety processes

Radiographic staff and MRI departments have thorough screening and safety processes in place, it is important that these protocols are regularly reviewed in light of learning from near misses.

MRI safety is a multi -professional responsibility and ensuring safety for patients starts from when the referral is made for a scan by a referring clinician. Ensuring sufficient information about the scan and making checks are important at every step of the pathway.

The Society of Radiographers has produced a number of information leaflets for referrers, ward staff and patients regarding the safety considerations for MRI. Please do have a look at these, and if you have any comments please do get in touch with the Society of Radiographers.