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New cardiac e-Learning sessions

23 June, 2017

Seven new sessions have recently been published as part of the Image Interpretation Cardiac Imaging course.

This brings the total number of cardiac sessions to 10.

There are specific sessions on interventional cardiac procedures including typical diagnostic angiography, disease diagnosis, angioplasty, and the treatment of coronary artery disease. Pacemaker insertion and echocardiography are described, as well as chest radiography and its use for cardiac specific indications.

The role of cardiac nuclear medicine as a functional imaging modality is discussed. Cardiac CT and cardiac MRI look at normal anatomy using these modalities and the appearances of acquired diseases and congenital abnormalities.

The sessions include a range of images, interactive questions, and a chance to test your interpretation skills. The course includes the latest data from the British Heart Foundation and the British Cardiovascular Society.

On completion, a certificate linked to KSF, CPD Now and (HCPC) CPD may be downloaded.

Rob Meertens, medical imaging lecturer, University of Exeter, commented,"This resource should appeal to any clinical staff working with cardiac patients, including radiographers, cardiac nurses and cardiovascular technologists. Diagnosing and treating our cardiac patients truly is an inter professional undertaking.” s

Dr Yogesh Raja, consultant interventional cardiologist, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust added, “The e-learning sessions are a great way to understand what we do in cardiology and have been well constructed; they are an excellent source of knowledge.

"They are interactive and cover a wide range of topics from basic cardiology diagnostics such as coronary angiographyto interventions, including intravascular imaging. The modules would be useful to anyone in the health sector who deals with cardiology patients and would improve their understanding of the various diagnostic imaging tests."

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