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New e-Learning for Healthcare sessions on Accessory Projections

7 September, 2017
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Have you ever been asked for a ‘special view’ by a referrer and thought “I’ve heard of it but can’t remember how to do it or what it should look like!”

Three new e-learning sessions covering accessory projections of the upper and lower limbs and axial skeleton with a few miscellaneous examples are now live. Each session has
instructions explaining positioning, exposure factors and other relevant details including an image to show you how it should look.

Paul Simpson, author of these sessions, is a reporting radiographer at City Hospitals Sunderland. Paul says: “I often get asked how to do the less common projections we get every now and then.

“This prompted me to suggest we write these sessions. In doing so, I learnt a lot more about why referrers ask for these particular images, and what extra clinical information they provide over routine projections. This has helped inform my practice and give me a better appreciation of the skill it takes to produce excellent plain film imaging, something that is often forgotten with the wider use of crosssectional imaging.

"I hope these sessions become a valued resource, and help colleagues produce the best quality imaging possible.”

For more information contact Dorothy Keane.

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