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The new NHS Pay Journeys

24 July, 2018

Author: Paul Bromley, regional officer


Last week we published a brief news item, How to read the NHS pay scales and advised members to consult the NHS Employers table Reading your pay journey.

The table clearly explains the new NHS pay journeys for members not at the top of their pay bands.

The illustrative example methodology of the journey for someone on band 5 on existing pay point 19, can be used by members to read their own pay journey.

This information is consistent with the joint trades unions pay calculator and with the Society's Q&A, which was sent to all members before the pay consultation:

Q1. What happens to existing incremental dates?

A.There is no change to your incremental date. The amounts shown in the pay calculator are the salary rates a person will reach on their incremental date in each year.

As mentioned previously the Society is continuing to discuss with other health unions and NHS Employers issuing more joint guidance to help members to understand this complex three year pay deal.

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