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New versions of 'The NHS is NOT just doctors and nurses'

28 August, 2018
The NHS is NOT just doctors and nurses

The Society has issued more versions of the popular 'The NHS is NOT just doctors and nurses' leaflet in response to member requests.

There are larger versions of the leaflet - A4 and A3 - which can be printed out and used as posters, as well as leaflets and posters for members who work in independent healthcare.

The original leaflet was published in response to member frustrations about the perception that health services are staffed only by doctors and nurses and how they are responsible for every aspect of patient care.

Television hospital dramas such as ‘Holby City’ and ‘Casualty’ are repeatedly criticised for a lack of factual accuracy by showing what are obviously non-radiographers carrying out radiography roles.

The information leaflets and posters (which can be downloaded below) explain that there are a wide variety of healthcare roles in the NHS, why it is important to correctly identify professionals, and what it is that radiographers are uniquely qualified to do.

The Society recommends to members that they contact organisations and individuals politely, pointing out the errors they have made and providing them with the Society’s information leaflet. Contact details are usually to be found on the organisation’s/individual’s website.

Alternatively, advise the Society by email at providing as much detail as you can and the Society will communicate with them.

It is recommended that if you approach them directly, the tone and content of what you send is reasonable and polite. Angry and outraged is more likely to alienate the recipient, rather than persuade them to listen and understand your point of view.

If you do contact the offending organisation or individual direct, please do email so that the Society can also respond as the professional body.

Also, by keeping a record, over time we will be able to judge if the message is getting through and the mistakes are not being repeated. In addition, we will ask the people we contact to use us as an expert source for information about diagnostic imaging/screening or cancer treatment in the future.

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