Inclusion of overtime in holiday pay in Northern Ireland

This SoR update is for our members working for the HSC in NI.

Published: 08 February 2022 Northern Ireland

SoR members who are HSC employees in Northern Ireland will be aware that we intend to submit claims to the industrial tribunal in relation to unlawful deductions of wages. These deductions are in respect to the inclusion of overtime and allowances in their holiday payments. 

Each member who currently works in the HSC in Northern Ireland should receive a letter explaining the next part of the process via email/post. If you have not received a letter, please email [email protected].

Conscious of the ongoing failure of Health Trusts to pay you what we believe you are entitled to, the Society sought advice from a solicitor and counsel as to your rights and the impact of the decision in the police officer case (Agnew vs PSNI). We cannot disclose that advice to you in full as it is confidential. However, having considered the advice in detail, the Society has formed the view that a high proportion of members have meritorious claims for unlawful deductions from wages in respect of holiday pay. 

It is vitally important that all our members ensure that their data is correct. Please check your name, address, date of birth, place of work and email address. If you need to update these please go to ‘My Account on the website ASAP and amend accordingly. 

We intend to run an opt out facility for this process. If you do not want litigation to be taken in your name, then please complete this survey.

This will ensure that you are not involved in any claim with regard to inclusion of overtime in your holiday pay. The opt out facility will run for 14 days from Tuesday 8th February to Tuesday 22nd February after this time anyone who has not opted out will be included in the industrial tribunal claims. 

Please access the SoR website for further updates and FAQ’s.