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Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance and resources

27 February, 2020

Advice and materials to help radiographers and other health professionals to deal with Coronavirus Covid-19 is available from several sources.

Public Health England has issued guidance about the assessment and management of patients who are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.

The guidance includes:

  • Background information about the virus
  • Initial investigation of possible cases
  • Interim guidance for first responders
  • Self-isolation of patients who are being tested
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Primary care guidelines
  • Advising the public
  • Staff who have travelled to China

Public Health England has also issued resources such as leaflets and posters.

In addition, NHS Employers and the trade unions have issued advice to all trusts and health boards in the UK to ensure all parts of the NHS are prepared should a patient need a diagnosis or treatment.

The advice says:

  • All staff, including those employed by contractors, must know how to lower their infection risk. For example, regular handwashing and using and disposing of tissues.
  • Ambulance and emergency department staff must know what to do should someone suspected of having the virus require treatment.
  • Assess which employees would be most at risk should there be confirmed cases.
  • Identify measures to limit the spread of infection. For example, how to put on and take off protective equipment safely.
  • Ensure staff are easily able to raise any concerns with senior managers.
  • Make sure health workers treating Covid-19 patients are able to take adequate breaks on and between their shifts.
  • Any staff treating suspected cases must know exactly what to do if they begin to feel unwell and that the details of those working in direct contact with ill patients remain confidential.

Society members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with local guidance and instructions from employers. The Society will provide updated advice as it is available.

Coronavirus guidance for health professionals from Public Health England.

NHS Staff Council Statement on Covid-19

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