Charlotte Beardmore takes on presidency of European radiographers

The new President of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies is announced

Published: 18 February 2021 People

Charlotte Beardmore, the Director of Professional Policy for the Society and College of Radiographers, has been appointed President of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS).

The federation’s annual general meeting took place in February and over 70 delegates, representing the professional societies and educational bodies across Europe, joined the meeting to hear of the work of the EFRS during 2020 and to look ahead to the next year.

Jonathan McNulty of University College Dublin, and outgoing President of EFRS, led the first session of the meeting, celebrating the work of radiographers during the pandemic and presenting the reports on the work of the federation during the last year.

His final duty was formally to hand over the Presidency to Charlotte Beardmore, a past President of SoR.

Charlotte has served on the EFRS board for a number of years and will be President alongside her role as representative for the SCoR.

Charlotte led the afternoon session of the AGM, presenting reports on current projects and looking ahead to future work.

Gareth Thomas of the SCoR’s council represented UK radiographers at the meeting and Richard Evans, CEO of SCoR attended as an observer national representative.

Richard: ‘The EFRS has been growing in influence within Europe and internationally for 13 years. It is great to see the organisation flourishing and providing the home for so much great work that will shape practice in radiography into the future.

‘The SoR is a prominent member of the Federation and it is great that Charlotte is to be president this year. She is very highly respected in the European radiography community and works very hard for our profession on the international stage. Radiographers in the UK can be very proud that Charlotte has been elected President of the EFRS for this year.’

‘Our role is critical to patient care’

I feel very privileged and excited to be taking on the role of President of the EFRS, and I thank the radiography community across Europe for their support and this honour.

The EFRS represents more than 100,000 radiographers across Europe, more than 40 national societies and more than 60 education institutions. It collaborates with a wide number of European organisations and is in a good position to build on the firm foundations it has in place.

More radiographers are needed to support growing demand across Europe and our role is critical to patient care. As a profession we must further develop our skills to capitalise upon the exciting technological opportunities emerging, and continue to develop our profession to support delivery of evidence-based, personalised care for patients. The work of the federation is key in driving this forward.

With colleagues on the board and the wider EFRS radiography networks, we will continue this work and I’ll continue to represent, promote and support development of the profession – a profession I’m very proud of – across medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. Of importance to me is encouraging all UK radiographers to follow the work of the EFRS via Twitter and Facebook and to look for opportunities to get involved.

The EFRS offers affiliate membership to education providers and it’s fantastic that seven UK higher education institutions are already affiliated. I’d like to encourage all UK education institutions offering radiography programmes to consider affiliation to the EFRS and, through this, to engage in the work in shaping the profession, together with radiography education providers from across Europe. Dr Andew England from the UK is currently chair of the Management Team Educational Wing, and is leading this work for the board.

The motto of the EFRS is ‘we are stronger together’ and has never been more apt. I look forward to leading the federation through this next chapter of its work.

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