Covid-19 radiographer leaves intensive care through 'guard of honour'

Published: 21 April 2020 People

Almost two weeks after his partner and fellow radiographer posted a desperately sad message on the Society's Facebook page, radiographer Paul Skegg walked from intensive care through a 'guard of honour' of fellow health and medical professionals who were celebrating the recovery of a colleague thought unlikely to survive.

The post, written by Katy Lavender on 8 April, said, "Dear SoR, I want to bring to your attention that one of your members, Paul Skegg, is in a critical condition at Darent Valley Hospital in ITU. I am his partner and we are both radiographers at Medway Maritime Hospital.

"I am hoping beyond hope that he makes it through but we have been told his prognosis is poor due to his body trying to fight both Covid-19 and Guillain-Barré syndrome and doctors have told us the next 24/48 hours are critical. He is on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma.

"I hope beyond hope he will survive this. Please if you could ask the radiography community for support at this time.

"He is an amazing radiographer who has been glad his patients have been recovering even as he was becoming more sick."

Katy's post reached more than 197,000 people worldwide and generated over 1700 comments and messages of support.

On Friday, 17 April, Katy advised Society members that " Paul has been making incredible progress. I was allowed visitation today and we are now engaged to be married!

"He is making great progress, having been weaned off ventilation and we are both looking forward to returning to work and continuing to help those affected by Covid-19 as a team. We would like to thank your worldwide members for the support they offered during our darkest hours. The messages of hope and love were a lifesaver for me and Paul's mother and we extend our thanks and love to the entire radiological community."