RAD Work / Life Amy Le Vannais

Claire Brown, Amy Le Vannais and Naomi Alexander from the SCoR Conference & Events team reveal the secrets behind their success and their favourite ways to relax when not creating compelling CPD for members

Published: 19 February 2021 People

Tell us about yourself

I’ve been working as a Conference and Events Coordinator at the SCoR for just over five years. I live in South East London with my partner.

When your alarm goes off

I’m not the best at getting up early, I like to hit the snooze button, ‘just one more minute’ is my mantra. When I’m eventually up I make a strong cup of tea before getting ready for the day!

How did you get into event management?

After leaving University in 2010, I did a number of temp roles while deciding whether to start a career in law. One of these was in a membership team at a professional body for pharmacists, where I got on really well with my colleagues and liked working with healthcare professionals. Before I knew it my role had developed into membership and events, after my manager at the time noticed my organisation skills and love for making lists! By this point I had already decided that law wasn’t for me and I was offered a permanent position.

What does your role involve?

Lots of organisation, especially when we’re working on a number of events simultaneously. My role can be quite varied, depending on the events I am looking after, but involves managing all aspects from setting up the event pages for registration, selecting graphics, to managing complex rooming lists for residential conferences, speaker liaison and onsite management.

What has been your favourite event at the SoR?

We run so many great events so it’s hard to pick one! I really like the Radiography Awards but my favourite is probably the Annual Radiotherapy Conference which is held over the course of a weekend. This event brings together therapeutic radiographers and celebrates the amazing work they do for patients.

What do members have to look forward to this year?

We have a number of great online sessions coming up for all our members. Taking our events virtual has meant that we can reach more members and it gives them the opportunity to watch content at a time that suits them. We’ve just delivered a really successful Student Festival and hope to run another one later this year.

How do you like to relax?

I got into yoga about two years ago and find it the best way to relax, especially now during lockdown. Before the pandemic, I’d meet up with friends regularly for dinner, exploring new places around London - I love eating out, or we would go to a gig, the pub, a gallery or on weekends away! Holidays are probably my favourite way to relax, and I’ve recently got into growing plants and vegetables from seed - it’s very therapeutic!

What was the last book or TV show you got into?

I am a big fan of a TV series - even before the pandemic. In days when we were able to spend time out of the house, I’d always make time to watch a new drama or film. A few good series I’ve recently watched and would recommend are: It’s a Sin, The Investigation, The Serpent, and Succession.