Share your story with Synergy

Do you have a story to share with fellow radiographers? From promotions to personal achievements and awards, Synergy wants to hear from you

Published: 18 January 2024 People

Do you have a personal or professional story to share with Synergy? If so, we want to hear from you. 

Synergy is the Society of Radiographers’ essential monthly publication for members, providing news, features, profiles, and events. 

The digital-only publication also tells members stories from those working across the profession, and we want to hear about your life events, achievements, and careers, both from a personal and a professional perspective. 

Submit your story 

Members can now submit articles, news stories, research and ideas for content that they would like to see published in the SoR's media outlets by using a single online form, or by emailing the team directly. 

Content ideas on all aspects of life as a radiographer are welcome, from service delivery to professional development, to getting recognition for inspiring individuals and pioneering teams.

So if you have a story to tell, get in contact with Synergy today. 

Have you taken up a new job role? Do you have a particular success story you want to share? Have you or a colleague received an award? Have you had a unique work experience that other radiographers may benefit from? Or maybe you have a personal achievement you’re particularly proud of outside of your work life? 

How to submit 

The form covers submissions to Synergy and online news and we accept fully written pieces, work that you may need assistance with or just idea suggestions - we will do the rest.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Synergy - you can submit your stories via our member submission portal here. 

Just send us a brief description of your story and your contact details, and we’ll be in touch. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your idea with someone from the Synergy team, email [email protected] and we’d be happy to explore your idea. 

Synergy also offers deeper insights into the working lives of its members, through the ‘15 minutes with…’ Q&A feature.

In November last year, Synergy explored a day in the working life of veterinary radiographer Steven Edwards, offering an insight into the role of a unique type of radiographer. Read the full article here.

If you’d like to share a day in your life, contact [email protected].