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Preparing for the future of MR-guided radiotherapy

3 April, 2017
Study day delegates
Study day delegates

Delegates at the University of Liverpool’s MR Anatomy for Radiotherapy study day witnessed the first course of its kind designed specifically for radiotherapy professionals.

The study day started with a brief explanation of the essentials of MR physics, safety, clinical usage and tissue responses. Delegates were then guided through interpretation of all the major radiotherapy-relevant structures as visualised on a range of MR sequences and imaging planes.

The day was followed by a six week course providing access to a suite of online resources, including quizzes and tutor support.

It was jointly developed by therapeutic and diagnostic radiographers and facilitated by the same team behind the CT Anatomy for Radiotherapy textbook.

Course facilitator, Pete Bridge from the University of Liverpool Directorate of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy, explained: “Most MR courses are complex and have traditionally been focused on diagnostic radiography practice. But with the rapidly increasing use of MR in radiotherapy, there is a need for radiotherapy professionals to gain understanding with the fundamentals of MR image interpretation.

“With the advent of MR-guided radiotherapy we are now using MR images for a different purpose.”

Course facilitator David Tipper, cross-sectional imaging manager from Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust added: “It is exciting to be able to input into this collaboration between the diagnostic and therapeutic professions from a diagnostic perspective.”

Delegates were able to see examples of current clinical use of MR for real-time image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) and engage in discussion about the emerging role of MR in radiotherapy.

More MR Anatomy for Radiotherapy CPD Short Courses are being provided in Liverpool and London this year. For more details click to email.

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