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Promoting good working practices for mammographers and reducing MSK injuries

22 October, 2018

In a profession dedicated to caring for others, mammographers are being urged to protect their own health and reduce work-related musculo-skeletal disorders (WRMSK).

A new document, Breast screening: ergonomics in screening mammography by Public Health England provides information for employers and staff to inform best practice and reduce the risk of injury.

The guidance sets out health and safety legal expectations for employers to protect their staff and to consider WRMSK alongside other physical and mental health risks. If musculoskeletal disorders (MSKs) are caused or made worse by work, there is a responsibility on the employer to assess the risk and reduce it as far as reasonably practical.

The document provides a framework to promote best clinical practice to avoid or reduce injury, and for identifying, reporting and resolving problems. In addition, the publication calls for continuous improvement in positioning techniques, as well as the development of a learning culture, effective training and CPD.

You can read the document here.

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