‘Have you Paused & Checked?’ posters for molecular imaging

Published: 06 June 2019 Radiation protection

Posters have been published to serve as a handy reminder for radiographers carrying out molecular imaging procedures.

The two new ‘Have you “Paused and Checked”? IR(ME)R Operator checklists are for image acquisition and administration of radioisotopes for molecular imaging procedures.

They cover patient checks, anatomical checks, user checks, system and settings checks, exposure checks and reminders on what to do at the end of a procedure.

Designed in a PDF format to allow for easy downloading and printing, the posters are available in both A4 and A3 sizes and can be displayed in the department as required.

Go to thepolicy and guidance document library for Have you 'Paused & Checked'? IR(ME)R Operator checklist for Molecular Imaging Procedures: Image acquisition, and Have you "Paused & Checked"?IR(ME)R Operator checklist for Administration of Radioisotopes for Molecular Imaging Procedures.