ARSAC reminder: Employer licence renewals due in 2023

First employer licences issued under IR(ME)R-17 now set to expire

Published: 20 December 2022 Radiation protection

The Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC) has warned that it is the responsibility of each employer to be aware of the expiry date for any licensed Medical Radiological Installation (MRI) and to submit a renewal application for the procedures required prior to this date.

Applications usually take between six and eight weeks to be processed. Therefore, renewal applications should be submitted to ARSAC eight weeks prior to the licence expiry date.

The ARSAC Support Unit will send a reminder email to named Medical Physics Experts (MPE) that their records show are associated with an MRI. This will be sent 14 weeks prior to the licence expiry with instructions on how to submit a renewal application on the JIRA ARSAC online portal.

How to activate your account

An ARSAC online portal account will be set up for the MPEs prior to the reminder email being sent, and instructions on how to activate this account will be stated on the email.

Only one reminder email will be sent. All further related notifications (eight weeks prior to licence expiry and after licence expiry) will be sent from the JIRA ARSAC online portal. Please check junk/spam folders for these communications. 

The reminder email will be sent to the address that ARSAC has on file from previous applications/notifications for specific MPEs. It is the employer's responsibility to notify ARSAC at [email protected] of any changes to MPE contact details.

ARSAC strongly advises that on receipt of the 14-week reminder email, MPEs complete the activation of their online account. Further information on how to submit a employer application can be found at the ARSAC website.

Image: Martin Diebel/fStop/Getty Images