IR(ME)R inspections resume

Covid-19 update

Published: 24 August 2020 Radiation protection

The latest update to the Covid-19 combined statement from the IR(ME)R inspectorates in the four countries in the UK has been published.

The only change to previous advice is regarding inspections, which are being resumed.

The update says, "We will be resuming inspection activity according to the risk of the service. This may involve on-site visits as well as using ways of gathering and assessing evidence directly from providers without having to cross the threshold, such as videoconferencing or self-assessments.

"Inspection activity will be carried out following appropriate risk assessments to protect duty holders, patients and the enforcement authority inspection staff."

In addition, version 2 of the SAUE (Significant Accidental and Unexpected Exposures) IR(ME)R guidance for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has been issued.

The main changes to the criteria include:

  • Redefined notification criteria for radiotherapy planning and verification imaging (page 5)
  • New notification criteria for nuclear medicine therapy incidents (page 5)
  • Guidance on applying notification criteria to laterality errors (page 6)

The guidance is available on the following websites:

England CQC

Northern Ireland RQIA

Scotland HIS

This guidance currently does not apply to Wales.