RCR IR(ME)R Audit launch Tuesday 16 March 2021

The Society of Radiographers has been working in partnership with British Institute of Radiology, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Royal College of Radiologists and with kind individual support from Public Health England to produce a National IR(ME)R Audit.

Published: 16 March 2021 Radiation protection

Focusing on justification, optimisation, education and the use of diagnostic reference levels, the audit facilitates local compliance with IR(ME)R and preparation for regulatory visits or assessments for the Quality Standard for Imaging.

Justification and Optimisation in Medical Imaging are requirements of IR(ME)R 2017 (IR(ME)R 2018 in Northern Ireland) which are met by good evidence-based practice and the application of radiation safety procedures. Optimal exposure control positively affects patient safety and improves value in healthcare through avoidance of unhelpful, unnecessary investigations. 

Appropriate imaging through referral guidelines and meticulous justification of exposures as part of the vetting process has helped to make the best use of clinical radiology. Optimisation and the use of National and Local Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) has made the UK a world leader in this activity. Education and training are essential for entitlement under IR(ME)R and effective communication is vital for maintaining and improving good clinical practice.

Using the audit tool and supplementary questionnaires for Operators and Practitioners and the use of DRLs, as part of a quality improvement programme, will help identify variation between work as intended and work as done. 

For more information about how you can take part and submit your data please speak to your Audit Lead or go to the RCR website.