SoR publishes guidance on inclusive practice and pregnancy enquiries

Document introduces the Inclusive Pregnancy Status form

Published: 25 November 2021 Radiation protection

The SoR has published guidance to assist practitioners in understanding the needs of individuals with gender diversity and those with diversity in their sexual characteristics.

View the guidance here: Inclusive pregnancy status guidelines for ionising radiation: Diagnostic and therapeutic exposures

The SoR has also organised a webinar for members on 1 December: Introducing ‘Inclusive Pregnancy Status’ Guidance: Transgender and non-binary considerations under IR(ME)R

The guidance introduces the Inclusive Pregnancy Status (IPS) form for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy, a questionnaire enabling patients and healthcare professionals to work together to sensitively build a picture of an individual patient’s needs, gain informed consent and keep appropriate documented records.

‘Understanding gender diversity and diversity in sex characteristics enhances safe practice. We present some of the considerations for healthcare professionals delivering care to transgender, non-binary and intersex individuals. People are all different and have personal health and care needs. It is the responsibility of all radiographers to develop competent skills to recognise and support those needs,’ says the guidance.

The guidance and associated resources will support services to comply with the requirements of the legislative framework governing practice.

Patient information posters and a PAUSED and check poster are provided as easy access, go-to resources.