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Radiographer continues to be suspended for abuse of public and colleague

29 October, 2019
Meting abstract

A radiographer who verbally abused and/or made threats of violence towards a member of the public, as well as a colleague, has had his suspension extended by a panel of the Health and Care Professions Council Conduct and Competence Committee.

Jason Mariah was working as a Band 5 for Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust when the incidents occurred.

In addition, he arrived late in theatre when he was shadowing another radiographer and then went missing for an hour before returning to the department.

The member of the public who was verbally abused was a vagrant who came to the hospital. Mr Mariah told other staff that he would "knock him out", referring to the vagrant.

Mr Mariah, who attended the panel hearing and represented himself, had said previously that health difficulties were a factor that contributed to his behaviour. He had overreacted in the incidents relating to the member of the public and the work colleague. In recent years he had been working in a reception role and he was doing well in his current position. 

However, the panel found Mr Mariah continued to blame others and did not take full responsibility for his actions. An aggravating feature in the decision to impose a 12 month suspension of his registration was that Mr Mariah had been convicted for driving while unfit to do so through drugs in March 2015. The incidents at work occurred in 2017.

The panel considered a striking-off order but decided that Mr Mariah should be afforded an opportunity to satisfy a future panel that his fitness to practise is no longer impaired. They suggested a number of measures that would assist a review panel to lift the suspension.

More details about the hearing.



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