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Radiographers wanted for expert panels

3 November, 2017
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The body which assesses the quality of research in UK higher education institutions is recruiting applicants for a wide range of panels.

Radiographers involved in research are urged to contact the SCoR and provide information to apply for the Research Excellence Framework posts.

"Organisations with an interest in research, such as the College of Radiographers, are asked to nominate potential candidates," Rachel Harris, the SCoR's professional and education manager, said.

"The REF is a joint initiative by the higher education funding bodies of the four UK countries," Rachel continued.

"It exists to ensure we have a world-class, dynamic and responsive research base, as well as making sure that money is well-spent and produce evidence of the benefits of publicly funded research."

Radiographers and other allied health professionals are currently being recruited.

Guidance on the REF panel structure, roles and responsibilities and workload of panel members, and the criteria for appointment is available in a download publication, Roles and recruitment of expert panels (REF2017/03).

For more information and to discuss being a possible panel nominee, contact Rachel Harris by 30 November.

Secondment opportunities with the REF panel secretariat
HEFCE are seeking to appoint, on a secondment basis, up to 10 panel advisers and up to 13 panel secretaries to work with the REF Team and the expert panels, to provide high-quality, dedicated secretariat support and procedural guidance to one main panel and a group of sub-panels through the criteria-setting phase of the REF.

The application deadline is 28 November.

Further information and application details

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