How are you going to change the world?

Healthcare Leadership Academy Scholarship Programme

Published: 19 June 2020 Radiotherapy

The current SoR UK Therapeutic Radiography Student of the Year and a former #150Leaders participant has been honoured yet again.

Sarah Bradder, a therapeutic radiographer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham has been accepted on the Healthcare Leadership Academy Scholarship Programme.

"I hadn’t considered applying until Nadia Bostock, #150Leaders organiser, asked if it was something I had looked at because she thought I should apply, " Sarah said.

"As I was reading about what the programme entails, I realised that by growing my leadership skills I can put myself in a better position to action and encourage change within healthcare."

The Healthcare Leadership Academy’s aims are to nurture leadership in students and young professionals, to foster frontline innovation, and to empower and value the next generation of clinical leaders.

"The academy believes that leadership is for everyone, no matter what your level or years of experience," Sarah said.

"If you have innovative ideas and solutions, then you’re a leader and, in my opinion, this is something that we should all embrace.

"Our professions are so technologically driven and move forward so quickly that we must ensure that we’re continually adjusting the ways in which we work to meet the demands of our patient population and this only happens through change and encouraging everyone to think what those changes should be."

Sarah continued, "When I was interviewed for this programme, the first question was ‘How are you going to change the world?’

"I’ll admit I was taken aback at such a big question, but the bottom line is that there’s no right answer and there’s no one single idea that will change the face of healthcare. It’s an accumulation of little ideas from everyone that drives real change and we all should want to be a part of that.

"As a therapeutic radiographer, I hope that the skills I develop as a HLA scholar will allow me to encourage and motivate others to see the value of their own ideas, become a better advocate for my patients and teach students that they should never think, ‘I’m just a student’.

"I think that by meeting likeminded professionals, I’ll have a much broader understanding of the systems that both encourage and restrict us within healthcare and be a small part of making these systems better.

"The main job of the HLA is to help you realise your potential and I hope that whatever my potential may be can be used for the benefit of patients and my profession."