RadTalk podcast promotes therapeutic radiography

Radiographers listen in from Canada, Australia and the USA

Published: 21 April 2021 Radiotherapy

Naman Julka-Anderson and Jodie Thompson, two therapeutic radiographers, set up the RadTalk: Making Waves podcast to create conversation and share views on key issues. Launched in November 2019, topics have so far included improving patient-centred care, raising awareness of the profession and CPD. Naman said: ‘The podcast was something we thought could be accessible to whoever wanted to learn more about therapeutic radiography. Promoting the profession was a key part of our idea.’

The bulk of the listeners are from the UK, US, Canada and Australia, and one of the benefits has been the networking.

‘Meeting professionals within radiotherapy to discuss exciting work and ideas has been motivating,’ said Naman. ‘Sometimes just taking a step back and reviewing different aspects of our profession helps remind you of what you can achieve as a therapeutic radiographer and as a healthcare professional.’

Next steps include expanding to other platforms such as YouTube, adding visuals and subtitles and monetising the content to allow for ‘investment into the podcast and charitable causes in therapeutic radiography’.

Naman is an ambassador for charities Action Radiotherapy and 5K Your Way. You can catch up on their latest podcasts by searching for RadTalk: Making Waves at souncloud.com. Follow the team onTwitter @radtalkMW and Instagram at radtalkmakingwaves.