SoR gives evidence to MPs in Cancer Summit 

Report signals the way ahead on recovery of cancer services from pandemic backlog

Published: 07 June 2021 Radiotherapy

The SoR has submitted evidence to a consultation by MPs on how to tackle the backlog in cancer treatment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the initial consultation exercise, the Society was invited to speak in person at the Cancer Summit, a virtual roundtable event to launch the report called Catch Up With Cancer – The Way Forward.

The initiative was organised by the three chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Radiotherapy, Health, and Cancer. Their report includes seven key recommendations, including calls for the Government to recognise the scale of the problems, to deliver ring-fenced investment to improve cancer infrastructure, and to appoint a minister to take responsibility for ensuring cancer care recovers.

SoR Professional Officer for Radiotherapy Spencer Goodman said: 'We joined stakeholders in underlining that clinical teams had continued to provide care throughout the pandemic whilst implementing innovative solutions but importantly highlighting current pressures for therapeutic radiographers as part of the multi-professional team’.

SoR President Chris Kalinka said: 'As SoR President I was given the opportunity to speak directly to MPs during the meeting. I spoke on the importance of increased investment in imaging and therapy workforce and equipment as vital areas to address the cancer backlog. 

'I emphasised the crucial importance of early diagnostics in ensuring patient care and improved outcomes being directly related to early detection of cancer. I really hope the government listens to our concerns and takes action to address the backlog situation which will be affecting many lives.'